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Our Story

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Our Story

A journey to sustainability

"bochechas" means "cheeks" in Portuguese, the inspiration came from my daughter's chubby cheeks and the time I spent in Brazil at my young age.


After becoming a mother, I started to realize that it is surprisingly difficult to find beautiful and practical clothes for kids, many of them use synthetic fabrics and it is harsh even for my own skin, not to mention there're very limited options for family wears. That's when I decided to launch my own brand for children and family wear.


In bochechas, we've given a lot of thought on designing beautiful and functional clothes that suits both the kids and the parents. We only use selective premium and natural fabrics that are kind to the skin and the environment. Having worked in carbon emission space for over 10 years myself, I am committed to make an effort for bochechas to be sustainable. Most of our packagings use recycled and biodegradable material, and we consistently seek ways to be carbon neutral.

As we believe beauty shouldn't come at the cost of our mother earth, our clothes are designed to last.

I hope wearing bochechas will make you smile, we certainly did while we were making them!

Angela L.

Aug 2021

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